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PreDefined Events


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PreDefined Events

Pre-defined events in KP Muhurat Software

  • Upanayan Sanskar ( Sacred Thread Cermony)
  • Matrimonial Advertisement
  • First Meeting between Boy and Girl for Marriage
  • Propose Marriage for a Girl/Boy
  • Marriage / Re-union with Partner
  • Sexual intercourse to conceive
  • Second Marriage

  • Adopting a Child
  • Discussion about Adoption of child
  • Attainment of Siddhi Initiation
  • Start Tour for Pilgrimage
  • Start Spiritual Life & Divine Worship
  • Start Work as Professional Astrologer
  • Launching Astrology web site
  • Take Sanyas (Renounce Worldly Pursuits)
  • Construction of religious Building (Mandir,...),
  • Admission in School
  • Admission in College
  • Higher Education (Master, Ph.D, IAS, ...)
  •  Personal Interview
  • Joining in Job/Service
  • Sign a contract or agreement
  • Launch oneself as Cinema Actor
  • Apply for Gratuity/Insurance/Will
  • For Getting Promotion
  • Apply for Getting an Award/Prize
  • Publishing a Book
  • Start a Newspaper
  • Start Research Group/ Internet Research group
  • Surgical Operation
  • Start Treatment for Addiction(Alcohal/Drug/Tobaco,...)


  • Launch of Space Shuttle
  • Political Career 
  • Popularity/Success in Politics
  • Foreign Settlement
  • Going Abroad for Job
  • Going abroad for Marriage 
  • Going Abroad for Higher Studies
  • Going Abroad
  • Apply for Green Card
  • Migrating to a Foreign Country
  • Permanent Return to Motherland
  • Going abroad for Marriage
  • Going Abroad for Business
  • Lodge a Complaint for Lost Property
  • Launch Appeal in Court
  • Factory Opening
  • Business Partnership
  • Start Stock Market Business
  • Launch new Product
  • Starting Independent Business
  • Start New Business
  • Partnership in Business
  • Speculative gain in Stock Market
  • Purchase of Lottery
  • Start Broker work
  • Gambling ( Horse Race/Car Race,...)
  • Opening Bank Account
  • Application for Overdraft facility/Loan from Banks
  • Asking for Financial Help from a Friend
  • Purchase of TV, Fridge, Electrical goods
  • Purchase of Vehicle
  • Purchase of land/Construction House
  • Property on Rent
  • Advertisement for Getting Tenant
  • Take Possession of Inheritance
  • Greh Pravesh






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